Hi, I'm Kyle Lamont and I am a native Atlantan born at Georgia Baptist (now Atlanta Medical). I grew up in southwest Atlanta and much of my family is still here. When I got the opportunity to buy in our neighborhood after college, I jumped at the chance. I love our community and understand that there are hurdles to our overall success here. I'm running as the state representative for District 57 to make our lives better on the legislative level. Locally, I’ve served as president of Oakland City community Organization for three years, only stepping down to run for the general assembly. The Atlanta Land Trust and the Fulton County Board of Development are two organizations I work with to ensure our communities have representation and a voice. Recently I’ve been appointed to the Beltline TADAC where I am honored to represent our neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods are changing quickly and our homes should be protected from high taxes and developers looking to take advantage.

Quite a few of the issues I hope to address in the Georgia legislature fall into four categories; education,  healthcare, taxes and criminal justice reform. Here are a few points on each.  




-Ensuring all schools in district 57 are fully funded 


-Providing more resources to students with special needs and learning disabilities as well as supporting their paraprofessionals

-Ensuring our public schools are equitable across the district and a place where parents can be comfortable sending their students

-Higher wages for teachers


-Smaller class sizes


-Allowing our senior residents to age in place


-Enacting rent control


-Income-based approach to senior housing exemption


-Expanding Medicaid


-Ensuring those with HIV/AIDS have access to housing, treatment and support


-Making sure women have the right to choose


-Enacting legislation that allows a year of post natal care

Criminal Justice Reform


-Raising the age of criminal responsibility to at least 18

-Adjusting mandatory minimums


-Fully funding the public defender’s office


-Eliminating the death penalty


-Decriminalizing marijuana

"District 57, A Community Where We All Thrive!"


-Kyle Lamont


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